A Corridor Weekend

I love the weekend! I love to shop on the weekend! I love to shop and be with my husband! Do I have to choose one?

Ok, most of all I love spending time with my husband (99.95% of the time). Somewhere in his head it is quite romantic to spend three to four hours with 70, 585 of your closest friends, while trying to avoid someone stepping on you as they search for their seat, wondering if the third quarter bee is going to sting you, hoping you are really sitting on the correct seat number and praying the guy next to you doesn’t tip his drink over and then your stuff gets all wet and sticky. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?! For many here in Iowa, my husband included; God Bless Iowa and God Bless the Hawkeyes.

Attending Iowa Football games is one of the many sporting events that we are able to enjoy on a regular basis here in the Eastern Iowa Corridor. The University of Iowa has a rich tradition not only in athletics, but also in academics and its health facilities.

www. hawkeyesports.cstv.com


Often a day at a Hawk game like today includes not only a great game, but also a chance for me to enjoy some of the great specialty shops and boutiques in the Iowa City/Coralville area.

icdowntown.com– I have so many favorites here that I don’t know where to start…I will add my favorite ped mall shopping list soon


On any given Saturday we are both in heaven…shopping, football, you name it the Corridor has it.

Tomorrow I am off to a craft show and an antique show. My husband has graciously offered to let tomorrow be a “girls” shopping day for my mom and I. I think the thought of 150 craft booths is a bit daunting for him. I tried to sweeten the deal by reminding him that the craft show was at Carver Hawkeye Arena where his favorite team plays basketball, but that still was not enough to engage him in a couple hours of standing and purse holding. Though I will miss him, we forge ahead in shopping bliss.

How did I find both of these activities for Sunday you ask? Each Thursday, The Cedar Rapids Gazette Weekend paper is full of a wide range of events for all audiences: www.gazetteonline.comIf you can’t find anything to do then you are not looking hard enough!

For example: Like movies and don’t want to pay full price for even a movie?
There are two discount theaters in Cedar Rapids!
www.collinsroadtheatres.com This particular theater even has real buttered popcorn!

Another great resource for a wide array of events is the Cultural Corridor site: www.culturalcorridor.org
While my husband would rather go to a football game, I would choose a musical. You are able to find listings for both here. This site has a little bit of everything.

After all my ramblings about Saturday and Sunday, I bet some of you are wondering what we did Friday night. Friday was spent with dinner and a movie which actually is something that we both really enjoy. We had the pleasure of seeing The Final Season which was filmed right here in Eastern Iowa. It was so cool to see my high school on the big screen! My junior English teacher was even in it! It is a beautiful film and a true testament to the realness of the great state of Iowa and the great people that live here. Go to www.finalseason.com to see the trailer.

I guess that is about it for this weekend. I might have time left over to catch up on some housework, but I would much rather be out and about exploring all of the wonderful events that Eastern Iowa has to offer and enjoying the beautiful colors of fall. If Friday night had offered more hours in it, you might have seen my husband and I swing dancing. I would have been counting out loud and leading and he would have been watching his feet.

Maybe next weekend.

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