Corridor Welcome Reception to feature Rebecca Ryan

A Corridor collaboration between the Professional & Technical Diversity Network, Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance (ICCA), Diversity Focus and Access Iowa will welcome Rebecca Ryan, author and founder of Next Generation Consulting, back to the Corridor on Monday, March 24.  

The collaboration will host a Corridor Welcome Reception for Ryan beginning at 5:30 p.m. at hotelVetro, 201 South Linn Street in Iowa City. The free reception is sponsored by A short program will begin at 6 p.m.  Later that evening, Rebecca will read from her book, “Live First, Work Second,” on WSUI’s “Live at Prairie Lights” at 7:30 p.m. hosted by Julie Englander.

Ryan is well-known in the Corridor and throughout the nation as an expert on attracting and retaining young talent and bridging generational differences to make the workplace more effective.  Her description of what constitutes “cool communities” reverberates with young professionals and organizations throughout the U.S.  Released in March 2007, Rebecca’s self-published book is available from Prairie Lights in Iowa City and on her Web site:

Economist and author Richard Florida (“The Rise of the Creative Class and The Flight of the Creative Class”) gives Rebecca a decisive endorsement in his foreword in her book.  As an entrepreneur, Ryan knows business rules. When she launched her Next Generation consulting business, she adopted a simple, three-step process which led to consulting success and her first book, “Live First, Work Second: Getting inside the head of the next generation.”  

For more than a decade, Rebecca has gathered information from more than 24,000 young people. Armed with data, Rebecca engages and captivates audiences with logic, business sense, her charm and understanding how the world of work is changing rapidly.

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