Trail Blazing

Spring and warm weather is finally upon us! This is a great chance to get outside to take advantage of the fabulous trails in the corridor. 

In a short 15 minutes, I can drive from my house and get my feet, bike, or blades on the Cedar River Trail.  The trail is well maintained, well marked, and very accessible from a number of locations in Cedar Rapids.  It makes for the perfect weekend adventure with my family and has a number of locations were we could stop off and have a picnic if we so choose.

If you have not considered walking, biking or blading on the trail, I would highly recommend it.  The trail is free to use and the time spent with friends or family is priceless.   The trails are for all ages.  On last night’s ride we passed a new rider who still had his training wheels on and a whole family of 8 walking together.  I can’t think of a better way see and experience the beautiful place we live in .

The link below contains maps and more information about the many trails in the area.

Blaze a trail this year and experience the Eastern Iowa Corridor!


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  1. Marie in North Liberty

    Map of Iowa City area trails —

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