The Classics Replaced by a Celebration of Community Spirit

The Classics at Brucemore is a much-anticipated annual event. It’s described as magical. Enchanting.  It too was affected by the recent flooding, as the diaster created circumstances that required changes to the show.

Instead of canceling the show, Brucemore is partnering with local troops such as the Liar’s Theatre, SPT Theatre, Theatre Cedar Rapids, Legion Arts and Urban Theatre Project of Iowa to show “Moving Home.”

There is no question our recent events have affected us in many ways.  We’ve laughed and cried and learned to depend on each other in a ways we never experienced before.  “Moving Home” is an original piece performed by local skilled storytellers who will share real, touching stories of our experience.

Join your fellow Corridians at Brucemore July 10-12  

All proceeds from the event will be donated to The Greater Cedar Rapids Foundation’s Flood relief Fund.

Gates open at 7 pm, bring a chair or blanket and prepare to be inspired.

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