We Found Fun at The Lost Island

An overcast day in the low 70s doesn’t exactly scream water activity weather, but none-the-less three carfuls of my girlfriends and our kids made our way the The Lost Island water park in Waterloo today.  Of course, when we planned the excursion last month, we expected a Friday in late July to be hot and humid.  We debated going for a moment, till I admitted I’d already bought my tickets in advance to save a couple bucks.  So, with grey skies and the threat of rain, we put on our ‘make the best of it’ mom faces and still had a pretty good time.

I’ll admit – at $22 a person, the water park isn’t cheap.  (And my four-year-old cost the same as me, by the way.)  You’d certainly want to spend more than the 3 hours we managed to make the price worth it, but still there is a ton to do and something for all ages.

The older kids hit the slides – and there were plenty of big slides. Us with preschoolers found refuge in one area designed specifically for them – it’s wasn’t the ‘baby area’ (which is perfect for 3-and-unders) and still boasted two water slides, just smaller, safer versions.  The water in the lazy river proved to be a bit warmer than the frigid water in the preschool area, so we happily floated on rafts for most of our time there.  After a venture into the wave pool, a few more goes on the mini-slides, and some dippin’ dots we were officially freezing and ready to go home.

All in all, it was a fun getaway.  It was a short, easy drive from the Cedar Rapids area, and there was plenty to do. There were lots of frozen treats and tropical-themed music to at least make you feel as though you were somewhere warm.

If you’re looking for a fun place to entertain kids, I’d recommend The Lost Island. But I would definitely only go when the weather forecast favors it, and not by your tickets ahead of time.

by: heatherjoy77

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