Tanager Outlet Mall – A Shopper’s Paradise

My mom and I love to shop.  And although the Corridor offers a number of malls and boutiques, nothing beats a power shopping trip to the outlet mall.

Located just 30 miles from the Corridor you’ll find the Tanager Outlet Mall.  It offers more than 55 name brand stores including some of my favorites -Old Navy, Carters (although my guy is getting too big), Gap, Bath & Body Works, and Nike.  I also like to stop into the toy store and get a jump on birthday and Christmas gifts. 

What I love the most about Tanager is it takes advantage of the wonderful area it calls home.  It features an Amana Shop where you can buy crafts and food from the area.  We partook in some yummy Amana cheese and I bought a bottle of red wine from the local Fireside Winery to enjoy when I returned home.

We often think, let’s go to Tanager… and then dismiss it quickly because we don’t want to drive that far.  But honestly it’s not that far – and if you take the Highway 151 South out of Cedar Rapids and drive through the Amanas, it’s a beautiful drive and the reward is well worth it.

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