New, Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit at Lindale Mall

Although the Science Station is closed due to this summer’s flooding, that doesn’t meant the children of the corridor will miss an awesome traveling dinosaur exhibit.

The Science Station’s first post-flood exhibit opened at the end of September at the Lindale Mall (4444 First Ave. NE) Admission to the exhibit, which runs through Dec. 31, is $5 for children and $6 for adults.

The Be the DinosaurTM exhibit lets visitors travel back in time 65+ million years ago to learn everything about the world the dinosaurs lived in – not only about the dinosaurs, but also about the environment, the plants, animals and insects that shared it.  This hands-on, interactive exhibit was designed by world-renowned paleontologists, and brings dinosaurs to life through the magic of interactive digital simulation, the same technology behind “Finding Nemo.”

According to Corridor Buzz, the exhibit is comprised of 13 “simulator pods,” life-size dinosaur skulls and a fossil lab.  The New Jersey-based exhibit was bound for a museum convention until the exhibit’s creator, Eureka Exhibits, heard about the Cedar Rapids flooding and redirected the exhibit to the Science Station for shipping and insurance costs only.

To accompany the exhibit the Science Station has scheduled five consecutive Sunday discussions on dinosaurs starting Oct. 12 at the lower level of the Lindale Mall. These free programs will be from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.  Presentations will include “Under the feet of T. Rex,” “Sharp Teeth and Claws in the Age of Dinosaurs,” and “Track ‘em down and Dig ‘em Up” by retired Cedar Rapids science teacher William Desmarais.  The Novemebr prgrams will be presented by Don Johnson, head of the Eastern Iowa Pateontology Project and owner of one of the largest private fossil collections in Iowa.

The Science Station’s Web site warned the computerized, interactive stations contained in this exhibit appeal to, and are best navigated and understood by, those aged 7 and up.  Younger ages may sit in a separate vehicle and watch a narrated video about dinosaurs, view the fossil replicas, and sit on the laps of older visitors at the simulation stations.  Hands-on stations for younger children will be arriving soon.

If you live locally and are looking for something to do, the Science Station needs volunteers at Lindale, Please call 363-4629 if you can help.

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One response to “New, Interactive Dinosaur Exhibit at Lindale Mall

  1. Kristen E

    After hearing about this on the blog, I noticed it was being mentioned on several different media, I am now planning to take my Girl Scout troop next month, thanks for the great ideas.

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