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Iowa Renaissance Festival

Hear ye, hear ye, All ye Lads and Lasses, Lords and Ladies!  If ye need something to entertain thyself this end of week, gather thyself and go to the Iowa Renaissance Festival. 

17th Annual Iowa Renaissance Festival and Gathering o’ Celts
May 3-4, 2008
Middle Amana Park (Medici Grove) – Amana Colonies, IA

There will be jousting, musicians, magicians, and fun for the whole family.  At the festivals that I have attended, you are more than welcome to come in Renaissance garb and such if that suits your fancy.

This festival is just one of the many wonderful events happening in the Eastern Iowa Corridor this weekend. 

So many choices… so little time.

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Wilkommen zu Maifest!

In case you don’t read German…that is an official welcome to Mayfest in the Amana Colonies, in Amana, IA.

Maifest is the colonies annual celebration of spring and will be held this year May 3rd and 4th.

Maifest is a great reason to visit this wonderful German community, just nestled 20 min southwest of Cedar Rapids.  There is a full weekend of events scheduled and visitors can experience all that Amana has to offer.  The annual Maifest parade will go through Main Amana at 10am on Saturday morning and there is much to do for both adults and children throughout the next 2 days.

I would personally encourage stopping by Millstream Brewery and trying out their delectible beers and sodas.  I am quite partial to the Millstream Root Beer and Black Cherry.  Yummy!

Take the time to visit the Amana Meat Shop, Woolen Mill, and General Store to get the full Amana product selection.  If you have a full day to spend this weekend, make time to sit down to a traditional German family style meal at one of the many excellent resturants in Main Amana.  My all-time favorite is the Brick Haus.  Sit down and enjoy a big bowl full of pickled ham, fresh Amana rye bread and Amana made brats.  Oh..and don’t forget to give Walt a Guten Tag!

I feel blessed to have such a rich heritage based community like the Amanas in the corridor.  My family and my husband’s family are all of German origin, so it is very special to us. 

Froliche Wochenende und hast du viel SpaB in Amana!

Bis spater.

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Have you…

Considered Iowa ? 

I am pleased to announce the relaunch of the new Consider Iowa site:

This site is a comprehensive site to promote career opportunities that are available in the state of Iowa and also highlights why Iowa is great place to live.

Some of the features that the new site has to offer are:

Job listings

Career Developement Tools

Online Career Seminars

Virtual Company Tours

Community Information for all Major Iowa Cities

Connect with a Career Advisor

Connect with an Iowa Professional using LinkedIn….. and more!

If you are a student in Iowa or looking to take on a new career endeavour, I encourage you to visit the Consider Iowa site.  Iowa is a fantastic place to work and play.  Don’t let anyone ever convince you that there is nothing to do here!   

Consider Iowa…find a lifestyle and a career in this great state I call HOME!

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Art in the Depot

What do trains and art have in common? Every April, I get excited when I see the billboards and posters go up around town for the annual Marion Arts Festival. It has been and continues to be an event that my family and I look forward to attending each spring.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday May 17th, 2008 in the quaint park near the Marion Train Depot.  See: for more details.

I have been to many an arts festival, such as the large Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, CA and the Marion Arts festival can certainly hold its own. I appreciate the quality of art that is brought in and the wide range of arts on display. Iowa and the Midwest is blessed with many talented artists, no matter what their medium of choice might be. I particularly like handmade jewelry, and two of my favorite pieces have come from the Marion Arts Festival. I wear them with happy memories of time spent with my husband and a great bag of kettle corn to munch on while we look.

The festival is not only about highlighting midwestern talent, but students from around the area, make bowls from various mediums and you can purchase those. The “Empty Bowl” project raises money for food banks across Linn County. If you don’t like to shop then you can participate in the 5K run. There is something for everyone!

Marion is so close, yet it usually takes this event to get me to drive 15 minutes to enjoy all of what Marion has to offer and to see a great deal of people from the community that I know that have also come out to enjoy the arts!

I encourage you to discover what the Marion Arts Festival has to offer.

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Trail Blazing

Spring and warm weather is finally upon us! This is a great chance to get outside to take advantage of the fabulous trails in the corridor. 

In a short 15 minutes, I can drive from my house and get my feet, bike, or blades on the Cedar River Trail.  The trail is well maintained, well marked, and very accessible from a number of locations in Cedar Rapids.  It makes for the perfect weekend adventure with my family and has a number of locations were we could stop off and have a picnic if we so choose.

If you have not considered walking, biking or blading on the trail, I would highly recommend it.  The trail is free to use and the time spent with friends or family is priceless.   The trails are for all ages.  On last night’s ride we passed a new rider who still had his training wheels on and a whole family of 8 walking together.  I can’t think of a better way see and experience the beautiful place we live in .

The link below contains maps and more information about the many trails in the area.

Blaze a trail this year and experience the Eastern Iowa Corridor!

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