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Access Iowa opens access to careers, opportunity, leadership and more!

Access Iowa is the Corridor’s premier young professional connection. It is “The place” where young professionals — and those young at heart — work to strengthen the Corridor for a brighter future.

AI members are young leaders who are changing the way business rules and how our communities work. They don’t wait for something to happen. They make things happen. And, these efforts pay big dividends for our Corridor communities.

Through their individual and collective actions, AI members help Corridor businesses attract, retain and develop tomorrow’s leaders – today. This diverse group unites generations, businesses and groups, and crosses cultures and ethnicities in a fun-filled approach to encourage purposeful, meaningful action.

This all-volunteer, nonprofit organization offers young professionals a triple track of opportunities specifically suited to individual interests: social, networking or philanthropic endeavors. From quarterly networking exchanges and connections with elected officials to book club chats, leadership brownbag discussions and a day at the state Capitol, AI members meet and greet to trade ideas and mentor newcomers.

Together Access Iowa members click, connect and construct networks and programs to make life in the Corridor exceptional. They cooperate to get a job done, mobilizing quickly to bring together an inclusive group for a worthy cause, to educate others or to help elect a candidate to office.

Last month (January 2008), the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance awarded the Access Iowa “Get on Boards/Got on Boards” community program a 2008 Icky Award, recognizing excellence and innovation. AI training helped members find opportunities to serve their communities on public boards and commissions.

We Corridorians recognize our young people represent the future – our future. Our young professionals will help us transition into tomorrow. We’re all fortunate, AI is here to help with the transformation . . . very fortunate.

Access Iowa members seize the day . . . every day and every minute! We’re proud to call AI members friends and colleagues.

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