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A Great Education

My husband is current less than a year away from completing his Management/PM MBA at the University of Iowa.  YEAH!   While it has taken him two years to get to where he is now, he will tell you that it has been a great haul.  

The flexibility of the courses and scheduling has allowed him to be able to work full-time and attend two classes each semester that meet once a week.  One of the best things about the Tippie MBA program for us is that he does not have to drive to Iowa City for classes, but can stay in Cedar Rapids and attend classes.  He is able to get a world-class education and not spend hours in front of the computer for an on-line program or driving. He has had the chance to learn valuable work applicable skills from great instructors who are currently in the work force themselves.  While he has still had his fair share of homework and tests (yes, you still have these in an MBA program) some of the classes have included on-site field trips to Eastern Iowa companies and hands on skills that he has applied in his current position.

For those that want to get done with the program faster, there are week-long and intersession classes offered in addition to the semester classes.  Want to pursue an MBA, but don’t have time to go to class every semester?  The Tippie MBA program gives you the flexibility to obtain the degree over a 10 year span. 

The Tippie program is also one of the best values for your money and is ranked high amoungst other MBA programs in the country.

The Economist
Top 20 Public U.S.

Financial Times
11th Public U.S.
27th U.S.
45th World

3rd Public U.S.
12th U.S.
2nd Big 10
1st Fastest Payback

U.S. News
Top 25 Public U.S.

Wall Street Journal
16th Regional

University of Iowa’s MBA program is also fully accredited by the AACSB. 

My husband has truly grown as a person and in his professional career while in this program.  He has had the opportunity to work with and build relationships with many other amazing people in the Eastern Iowa work arena, that he might not have even met.   It has broadened his knowledge of managment skills and tools to be a more effective member of his team.    I even have had the chance to work on some assignments with him and hone in on my own skills as he shares with me what he has learned. 

The Tippie MBA program is just another reason why the Eastern Iowa Corridor is a great place to live, ,and grow.  Tippe and the University of Iowa are committed to a quality and comprehensive education for their students and helping them progress in the workforce. 

For more information about the Unversity of Iowa MBA program:  http://www.biz.uiowa.edu/mba/

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