Mike Stoffregen’s Top Five

My Top Five for feeling alive in the corridor…

By: Mike Stoffregen, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Johnson County 

5.  Multiplicity of activities…music, arts, festivals, Shakespeare Theatre, Englert/Hancher, bike trails, parks, shopping, libraries, golf courses, clean air…it’s all here and it’s all good.

4.  Iowans.   Iowans are by nature a cohesive community.  Diversity of opinion is encouraged…and that’s a good thing.  It’s the collective common sense of our heritage that keeps the interest levels high in helping to build our community.

 3.  University of Iowa…living in community with a nationally recognized University, diverse by nature…educated by design and responsive because it’s a caring and sharing “community.”

 2.  The Future…the Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids Corridor has a very bright future because of the visionary leaders it produces.

And the # 1 reason…

The Hawkeyes…as simplistic as it sounds, even as a young lad living in Western Iowa, I had a strong affinity for the Iowa Hawkeyes…the name just rolls off of my tongue…the Iowa Hawkeyes.  ‘58 and ’60 Rose Bowls…Ralph Miller and Lute Olson basketball and the Fry / Ferenz years out of the wilderness and into the light.  Remembering the collective roar across Iowa for “the catch” against Louisiana State still to this day sends chills whenever I see it…

 Ah yes…the Iowa Hawkeyes…because they’re worth it.


2 responses to “Mike Stoffregen’s Top Five

  1. robert

    I agree – the Hawkeys (when they’re winning at least) make this a great place to live. Since Iowa doesn’t have any professional sports affiliates, the Hawkeyes are our Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Redwings, etc. College sports are king here.

  2. Cool site! I found it while searching for “Mikes top five”. As you can see by my URL, I have a similar site. Cheers! 🙂

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