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Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Reopens with Flood Photography Exhibit

I had the opportunity to go to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art this week, just a week after it’s reopening from the flood.  Aptly, the museum’s first exhibit is The Year of the River: Flood Photography from The Gazette.  The moments captured are breathtaking.  The emotion they rekindle surprising.  We are months removed from the Flood of 2008, and although the people of the corridor have moved on to recovery, it’s important to look back and remember just how extraordinary the event truly was.

I was lucky enough to explore this exhibit with people not from Cedar Rapids, many whom aren’t even from the Midwest.  I’d seen many of the pictures before, I’d witnessed the flooding in person, and these photographs still took my breath away.  To see their reaction was truly a privilege.  They had all heard of the flood, and had sent their thoughts and prayers in our time of need.  But as they walked the halls of the museum they were in awe of what we had experienced.  They also had toured some of our flood-savaged areas and expressed amazement at far we have come, and how quickly we reached where we are.

I was bursting with pride for my community, as I nodded in agreement as they spoke of our spirit and our determination to rebuild. 

I highly recommend visiting the museum and seeing this amazing exhibit. And if you have friends or family visiting from afar, take them and show them.  It will give you everyone who sees it a new appreciation, and a new perspective on just how reselient we are.

On a similar note, a colleague recently shared an emotional and information video on the flood produced by Metro Studios – if you have a moment, check it out.

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GPS, satellite radio, heated seats, cooled cupholders are some just some of the features available on modern autos. So step back in time to see how drivers of days gone by got by without those amenities and more.

The Antique Car Museum of Iowa displays cars and related memorabilia from the early 1900s through a more modern era. Parents of a certain age will fondly recall travelling down the highway in a wood-paneled, avocado-colored station wagon like the one displayed at the museum. One look at the International Harvester hotel-to-depot transfer and anyone will appreciate modern airport shuttles and coaches.

Co-located in the Car Museum is my 4-year old’s favorite reason for making the trip. The Hawkeye Model Railroad Club is building a working display. Kids can push buttons to send two different trains – one passenger, one freight – around the track. Lucky visitors might catch a glimpse of club members working on the display.

Also in the building is the Johnson County History Museum. Featuring a variety of displays, from wetlands to the Mormon Trail, exhibits tell the story of Johnson County history from a variety of perspectives. Currently, there is an exhibit on the history of railroads in Johnson County. A model train and a large-scale circus train are a part of the exhibit, as well as many historical photos and artifacts.

Both the Car Museum and the History Museum have suggested donations for admission. Take some time to visit this great display of history, located at the intersection of 9th Street and Quarry Road, across from the Marriott in the Iowa River Landing District in Coralville.

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