Top Five Reasons…

… We’re Glad We Live Here!

Ok, we all know everyone has more than five… but we’re asking busy people in our community to tell us why they love living here, and we felt 10 was just asking too much.  So read on to learn why some of our area’s coolest residents love living in the Corridor, and if you want to submit your top five list, email us!

Read Joe Jennison’s Top Five Reasons…
If you’re ever out and about in the Corridor’s arts and culture scene, chances are you’ve seen Joe.  He is the fearless leader of the Iowa Cultural Corridor Alliance.  Visit his organization’s Web site at and you’ll have access to an amazing events calendar as well as Joe’s insightful blog.    

Read Nancy Quellhorst’s Top Five Reasons…
As the president of the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce, Nancy is part of the voice of the Corridor.  She is an expert at sharing the story of why we love to live, work and play here. 

Read Mike Stoffregen’s Top Five…
As the executive director of the Community Foundation of Johnson County, Mike is well-known as a civic-minded ambassador of the Corridor.  But, he may be even more well-known as an avid Iowa Hawkeye fan. 


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